Am I Depressed: The Know Hows


ImageDepression is the most common psychological disorder. This state would upset the human being and makes him inactive. The studies reveal that nearly one out of every ten people in the world is the victim of this depression. Even though it is wide spread, fortunately this is totally curable. But to the pity, many few recognize this and gets treated for the same. It is very important to realize the problem, so that he can get treated immediately and lead a happy life.

Reasons for Depression

There are numerous reasons for the depression. The major reason is the modern life style. The world has turned highly competitive. The individuals are working hard in order to compete with the rest of the world. As a result, the stress levels have increased enormously. This is turning more typical and leading to the depression in the minds of people.

However, there are many other reasons that contribute to the depression. They are facing some panic situations, encountering a terrible event, threatened hazardously by any individual and many more. There would be no specific reason for the depression but there exists lots of reasons.

Am I Depressed – The most frequent question in the minds of people

Most of the people would be in a dilemma as if they are depressed. Knowing the answer for this question is very simple. One can examine the following things.

  • Are you doing the works slowly?
  • Are you facing difficulty in concentrating on your studies?
  • Is it a long time back you have been happy and joyful?
  • Are you feeling unhappy and sad ?
  • Are you left with no hopes on your future?
  • Are you feeling it difficult to take the important decisions?
  • Are you in a feeling that your life is not going good?
  • Are you pretending to be happy?
  • Are you facing any sleepless night?
  • Are you a victim of nightmares?
  • Do you forget things more often?
  • Are you in a feeling of lost self control?
  • Are you having  any disorder in learning?
  • Did you face any sudden weight loss or gain?

If you answer yes to most of the above questions, then you are surely a victim of the depression. Most of the above dealt incidents are usually seen in the people suffering from the depression.

Don’t Neglect depression

Depression is the most harmful mental position of an individual. If proper attention is not paid to the depression, it would  further cause other severe effects. It might increase the suicidal tendency of an individual. This could also lead to the Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, this might turn the people to the anti social activities too which is highly dangerous to the individual as well as society. Hence proper steps are to be initiated to identify this disease.

This is a disease that comes with hundred percentage cure. By contacting an expert psychological doctor, one can get rid of the disease in a very short period of time. So, don’t wait to know and never hesitate to get treated.



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