Glucose – Is It Good For Anything

Various researches that have been conducted which have shown evidences that our brain undergoes various process of chemical reactions when the glucose levels are low. However this chemical reaction also affects our will power and confidence.


When the body glucose levels are low the brain tries to meet to other basic needs such as meeting the body’s energy supply.


Scientists have also put forward the fact that low glucose levels also have an impact on our thought process.


Glucose is commonly known as micronutrients and is vital for our body’s energy cycle. Glucose can most commonly found in plants and is derived from the process that is known as photosynthesis. Glucose is also made from breakdown of glycogen in the case of fungus and animals. Glucose can be made in the kidneys and liver with the process of gluconeogenesis. Glucose can also be derived from starch. Maize is an excellent source of glucose. Our body derives much of its energy from the breakdown of starch. The amount for glucose in the blood can be controlled with the help of insulin. If an individual has too much sugar in their blood then it is sign of diabetes. Glucose helps in building of proteins and also in lipid metabolism. Vitamin C is also being processed into glycogen and starch cellulose. Glucose can be mainly found in all carbohydrates. The brain cells and the muscles require some amount of glucose and the rest is used by the liver as fat cells. If the body requires energy then the fat cells are broken down for fuel that is needed by the body.


Although glucose is considered to be a great source of energy but the problem arises when there is either too much or too low blood and it can lead to several problems in our body. Our body suffers from Diabetes. In this disease the pancreas of our body does not function that well and does not let the insulin to perform its task of breaking down the glucose. Therefore huge amounts for glucose are deposited in the blood which is known as blood sugar.


Glucose results in making us feel more energetic. Therefore glucose is very vital for body builders and other athletes and for those who are in to heavy duty sports.

When we take part in sports or any other heavy physical activity then the blood glucose levels can be maintained if we have glucose which lead to some improvements in our performance. If we have only water it might lead to exhaustion and a feeling of tiredness. Research has also shown that glucose leads to better performance when compared to other fluids. Dextrose or glucose also helps in keeping the body hydrated when one is undergoing any physical activity in humid conditions.


After undergoing heavy duty weight training or exercise we know that the glycogen that is present in the muscles gets depleted. Therefore there is a need for fast recovery for this lost glycogen. Therefore we need carbohydrates for our body which will help in replenishing the lost glycogen.


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